What Would You Do With a Million Dollars?

Being an Authorpreneur Dreaming about Having a Million Dollars can be a Dangerous Pastime.

By John Irvin

            Last week, one of my brothers was playing Are You Smarter Than a Fifth-Grader on his TV. He randomly texted me, asking what the Greek Mythology creatures who looked like women with snake hair were called, giving me three choices: Snarks, Gorgons, or Dillers?

            Naturally, being a writer and an avid reader, that was easy.

            It was the million dollar question he said.

            I asked if he was going to split that with me, since I helped. He said, sure.

            That’s all it took. My dear sweet brain went on a wandering into a dreamworld. What would I do with $500,000? Oh, the possibilities.

            I know I’d first invest $10,000. Then I’d use maybe $25,000 just for promotions and advertisement for my published books. I’d start a savings for my dream home. Then I’d start my world Book Tour!

            Oh the dreams that mess with me.

            Be still, my beating heart.

            We all have dreams like this, right? What would be on your to-do list?

            Oh, I could use like $1,000 on adding like 500 more books to my growing library! Just thought of that while writing this blog. Ha-ha! Remember, my goal is to have, at least, 4,000 volumes by the end of my life? Well, if I got 500 more, that would get me above 1,000 …so far to go still, but hey, who knows, maybe I have plenty of decades to go?

            Maybe not.

            We’ve got to appreciate every day, every year, we’re given.

            I can’t believe this year is coming to a close already. We’re in December, y’all! It’s my month. I’m turning the big THREE-O. Yep, I only have ten days left of my twenties.

            Most of my life, I’ve dreaded this point. But, honestly, the closer it gets, the more excited I am. From all my reading and watching various shows, it seems there is a consensus that your thirties are the most fulfilling years of your life.

            We seem to know more of what we want and have more skills and abilities to get it. The dreams we’ve chased for years seem to arrive during this third decade. Why? Don’t ask me. I’m not there yet.

            I’m happy to announce, the ISBNs for Longevity, Book 2: Independence have been bought for Hardcover, Paperback, and E-Book now. This means, they’ll all be published on the same day next month!

            Only steps left now is finishing the last few things for the cover then uploading all the files. It’s going to be great.

            Also, I’m already counting down the weeks till my YouTube vlog is launched. How many to go? Four weeks! Are you excited to see me?

            I’ve got some speech practicing to go. I write better than I talk ha-ha!

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