My Mornings Start with Coffee, Meditation, and Writing.

Every Writer’s Morning Routine is different—some are similar—this is how Mine goes.

Coffee is my go-getter juice

By John Irvin

            My alarm goes off at 4:30 am. I get up, start the coffeemaker brewing, then write do some short journal writing. Once my coffee is finished brewing, I start on the first cup while reading for the next half hour to forty-five minutes.

            Starting my second cup of coffee marks the beginning—and I’ve set a special alarm for this time as well—of my writing session, usually taking a forty-five minutes to an hour. Sometimes, when I’ve got several extra things to do before heading off to my part-time job—the one that pays most of the bills right now—it’s only a thirty minute session.

            Once the morning session is over—to the shrill, annoying announcement of my “Stop writing” alarm—I start on my workout regimen with free weights. This usually takes ten to fifteen minutes every morning.

            After that is a nice hot shower, my brain all the while continuing on with whatever story I was writing during that morning’s session. This is why writers take forever in the shower sometimes, just f.y.i.

            After that, if I have enough time, I’ll do some language practicing on the cool little Duolingo app I have installed on my phone. I believe everyone should be able to converse in a second language—it widens the mind. Then it’s off to the grueling of the bill-payer.

Writing every morning, whether you feel like it or not, is the key.

            Thankfully, I’ll be leaving that soon, I’m so excited.

            But, how do I keep inspired with my writing? I’ll be honest, there are many mornings I just sit on my couch grimacing, wishing I could go back to sleep. I don’t feel like writing every morning. But some time ago, I made a mental decision, I would no longer be an amateur—a professional writes even when he doesn’t feel like it.

            Our daily routines are hints of how our futures will look.

            But, inspiration is a major motivation giver. I find reading is an amazing inspiration avenue. Switching back and forth between fiction and nonfiction (most of it about running writing businesses or writing itself) keeps my brain on a focused rhythm.  The fiction expands my imagination, while the nonfiction informs and guides me on my entrepreneurial pursuits.

            I’m almost halfway finished writing the first draft of Longevity, Book 3: Wandering. The due date for this complete draft is 28 December, 2019. So I’m almost three days ahead of schedule. That’s another great means of inspiration for me. I’ve found, when I’m ahead of schedule I get this extra thrill that keeps propelling me forward.

You feelin’ the Christmas spirit yet?

Should be finishing that around Christmas time!

            So that’s my daily mornings and how I keep inspired. If you haven’t picked one up in awhile, I recommend grabbing a good book and reading this weekend!

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