When a Teacher finds a Big Secret

What would you do if you discovered there was a mermaid in your school?

By John Irvin

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Roger Overstreet is your regular every day English History teacher. He enjoys bringing old stories to life for his students.

Of course, he’s read the ancient Breton myths of mermaids and other sea creatures, but those are myths…right?

It’s when he happens to follow his friend, Auria, out onto the beach planks at their friend’s house, during a Christmas party.

The secret of her true identity is revealed to him by accident.

Next thing he knows, Roger is thrust into discovering an ancient prophecy that does not bode well for mankind. But there’s an underlying promise that could be the salvation of humanity.

This second book in the Mermaid Seas trilogy was a tough one for me. I actually grabbed the idea from a dream I had once, years ago.

What is really cool and I never mention it in the actual published trilogy. Roger Overstreet is a descendent of Cameron Weatherall.

Yup, Cameron had a sister named Merideth who was the great-great-great-grandmother of Roger’s mother. Oh, by the way, Roger is a part of the family tree of the hero for the next book—the final installment in this trilogy.

It all actually ties together.

Make sure you tune in tomorrow to meet Arthur Eden, a bestselling novelist who has a plan to save humanity from complete annihilation.

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