My Mermaid Seas Trilogy and Where She Came From

By John Irvin

            Ever since I met Princess Ariel, the Little Mermaid, in a book long, long time ago in the days of my childhood, I’ve loved mermaids ever since.

            Something about that wet red hair, I don’t know.

            I’ve read so many books that are either a different telling of the original Hans Christian Anderson lore, or something else all together. Mermaids are a classic.

            Then one night, about five years ago, I dreamed I was hanging with a group of college girls who I’d known during my last years in college. I dreamed we went scuba diving—well, technically, I went scuba diving, they didn’t need the gear—they revealed their true identities as an entire mermaid pod, or school, not sure what a group of merfolk is actually called.

            We were searching an ancient undersea ruin of some temple built eons ago. There was a message in the old language and somehow I knew what it meant. It was a prophecy made in Norse runes about a coming plague ending the world as we knew it.

            I woke up and thought, this should go in a book.

            About a year later, I was hanging with a couple coworker-friends who claimed to be mermaids—or at least, mermaids at heart. I told them about this story idea and they wanted to read it.

            So I set about writing what would become the Mermaid Seas trilogy.

            It took two years almost before the trilogy was finally completed.

            Each book is published—only in e-Book format right now. I’m sorry if that offends or disappoints.

Cover for Mermaid Seas: Discover by John Irvin
Mermaid Seas, Book 1: Discovery

            Book 1 begins with a man by the name of Cameron Weatherall during the War of Northern Aggression and set actually near where I live—a place called Fort Pickens, Florida. Only he’s a Confederate at the opposing Fort McRee.

            He meets his first mermaid and falls head over heels. Naturally. Who wouldn’t?

Cover for Mermaid Seas: Forecast by John Irvin
Mermaid Seas, Book 2: Forecast

            Book 2 is set at present day in Charleston, South Carolina. Roger Overstreet is a teacher at a school. Unbeknownst to him, almost his entire teacher group is made of mermaids—or and one merman.

            Book 3 moves us into the fulfilling of the prophecy—over a hundred years in the future from us. Arthur Eden is an author who knows a mermaid personally—she has special connections by some means he doesn’t know. They are working together to save at least a piece of mankind before the fatal disease overtakes the world.

Cover for Mermaid Seas: Salvation by John Irvin
Mermaid Seas, Book 3: Salvation

            Oh, also, in my fun times I like to add things that my readers don’t read or find out in the books. Just little things—miniscule connections between stories or characters—I like to have special secrets about back stories too.

            Every once in awhile I like to share these secrets.

            But in my spare time I drew a family tree and how the three main characters for the Trilogy are actually related—also giving dates so you know where we’re at.

            Now, it doesn’t play a role in the actual plot for the Trilogy, but I think it’s pretty cool. It could also help to explain how Arthur ended up knowing Cassandra is a mermaid.

            Here’s a picture of it. If you like family trees, I hope you like this one. Just for you!

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