Wolf’s Rising

by John Irvin

A commentary by John Irvin


“Opening his eyes, it took a moment for them to adjust to the darkness. When they finally did, he noted he was kneeling on the floor, his hands hanging from chains above his head, in the corner of a wide dungeon prison cell.” –Duncan

Duncan Hur is a prisoner, but he doesn’t remember why. Then a woman is thrown into his prison by a Dark Elf. Turns out, he knows her—in fact, they’re in love. The two of them manage to escape the cell and venture into the Elven castle while Duncan slowly remembers who he is.

He’s a leader of a slave uprising. The werewolves have been slaves to the Dark Elves for a thousand years—but now they’re finally in rebellion.

Will Duncan and his friends be able to free their people once and for all? Oh, and who is the Shade who takes on physical form and unleashes evil forces from the Otherworld? Is it a good idea to unite the Wolf-Born with the Dark Elves against this new common enemy?

wolf's rising john irvin

I must say, Wolf’s Rising is a favourite of mine—don’t tell the other books. All my books are my children and they are all my favourites. Each one is a piece of me. But Wolf’s Rising is one of those that share a special shelf in the favourites hall in my heart.

I like how it is set in a totally other world and the mentions of past events gives me this sense that there is a rich history we don’t know about—even I don’t, being the writer. My characters surprised me a couple times. I didn’t know at first that Duncan would reach for that cursed gem and shift to the Otherworld.

The several friends who’ve read this work already have all said it’s one of their favourites too. So, I mean, that’s always good news in an author’s ears.

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