My Writing Sessions, How I keep Focused and When I Do My Best Author Work

My YouTube vlog is Out and I’m Writing Away, things are looking Up.

By John Irvin

Today I was able to talk a little about my upcoming Book Tour later this year.

This will be the sixth weekly episode since the New Year’s launch! I can’t been six weeks since I started.

Go check it out:

            I don’t mention the Patreon exclusive Ikkilion Chronicles in the vlog this week, so I’ll mention it here in this post. We are up to our fifth weekly episode. I was just talking with some friends, they agree for the price of one Starbucks coffee each month, getting two free e-books and weekly episodes is worthwhile.

How do I keep my daily writing sessions?

            I’ve found over the past couple of years, I write better early in the morning. When the world is still asleep, before the sun is up, I can immerse myself in whatever world I’m creating.

            My characters’ voices seem more clear and distinct during this solitude.

            The funny thing is, sometimes just an hour of writing can feel like an eternity after awhile. It’s strange, I love the silence, but then my fingers seem to struggle after long bouts.

            So I discovered, if I have music playing in the background, the time goes so much faster and before I realise, I’ve got over a thousand words in one hour and often I’m longing to keep going.

            But, a secret most writers reveal, if you stop in the middle of a sentence, it adds to the suspense and you’re more apt to jump right back in the next day.

            At first, it can be a struggle getting into the daily routine. But it is a must. Psychologists do concur a habit is formed after daily practice over ninety days.

Mornings are my favourite times to write

            It’s not much of a struggle for me, except on mornings after late nights. I try to stay away from late nights. But many friends still enjoy staying up late these days. They call me an old man for wanting to go to bed around eight-thirty or nine in the evenings.

            I like my sleep, too. But I get up at 0430! So I’m not old, just different.

New Publication!

            Tomorrow, the paperback for Longevity, Book 2: Independence finally comes out. The Hardcover and E-Book are planned for the same date in a couple weeks. I hope you’ve been able to get your hands on the first and enjoyed it. I encourage you to meet Ihon (pronounced Ian) as he travels through time as a Wolf-Born.

            This is going to be an intense ride. Six more books to go!

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